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Russian language for communication

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TEST your Russian

Try writing the words printed above. If you feel confident with those, see if you can fill in the missing letters in the next exercise.

как вс зоут? what is your name?
мен зовут Вpa my name is Vera
вот реторан here is a restaurant
вот Сеa here is Syeva (a man's name)
вот метo here is the metro (subway)
мo мма русская my mother is Russian

And now a little passage to read through.

Your turn to speak

5. The last exercise in this lesson will give you a chance to practice what you have learned. You will need the following phrases:

меня зовут... [minya zavut...]
вы русский? [vi russky?]
да, я русский (da, ya russky]
это мой друг [eta moy druk]
это моя мама [eta maya mama]
как вас зовут? [как vas zavut?]
очень приятно [ochin' priyatna]
моя фамилия... [maya familiya...]
я бизнесмен [ya biznismyen]

Now don't look on the phrases and listen to Andrei's prompts. Remember you can always go back and listen again if it seems difficult the first time.

— Как вас зовут?
— Меня зовут Вера.
— А как вас зовут?
— Меня зовут Сева.

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