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Learn Foreign Language Abroud

This is the most efficient way of practicing your foreign language that is meant for those who would like to

study abroad, work as an au-pair;
fuse fun and studies (recreation, social events);
use your language skills in a native speaking environment;
adapt to the country where the language you are learning is spoken natively;
learn more about the customs and traditions of the country.

Language Instruction for Students OnLine-Learn Abroad

We have selected the best language schools and individual study programs, the most convenient accommodation (family, apartment or on campus) as well as all kinds of recreation (field trips, social events, parties, culture and sports programs).

Practical training sessions and lectures can be held in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Czech and Russian (for speakers of other languages).


• Within the framework of the educational programs offered by OnLine-Learn, students, university graduates, educators, professionals and state officials enjoy a great opportuity to take practical professional training abroad fusing that with improving their foreign language skills. Alondside with work and language training, the students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the culture of the country, language teaching methods, its business and industry, as well as to make new friends and business contacts.

• Our training programs are especially designed with the view to your needs for a concise intensive training/seminar/course abroad with a planned visit to/professional training at an enterprise. Both training and lectures can be held in either English of Russian language. All the programs are individually customized.

English ( England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Malta, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa)
French ( France, Canada, Switzerland)
German ( Germany, Switzerland, Austria)
Spanish ( Spain, Latin America)
Italian ( Italy, Switzerland)
Turkish (Turkey)
Greek (Greece)
Czech ( Czech Republic)
Russian ( Russian Republic )