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Language Self-Study

The course is meant for self-study and it is designed for maximum efficiency. Even if you have never learned French or have mostly forgotten what you were taught in school, you can still feel confident when abroad. The course will help you communicate, get valuable advice and information wherever you are.
First of all, you can determine:
  • your goals,
  • your level of language proficiency.

The key to success is motivation and willingness to really learn a foreign language.  When they promise you great results without having to study hard – don’t fall for it, it’s a trap. Don’t waste your time waiting for a miracle, always remember that you are the one who makes miracles happen!

If you have made your decision to learn a foreign language with OnLine-Learn, we will be happy to help you in achieving your goal.

Select the course :
  • English for Children;
  • Advanced Foreign Language;
  • Intermediate Foreign Language;
  • General Foreign Language.
  • Order your online course and enjoy
  • online consultations on any issue concerning language learning;
  • the support and guidance of your personal language instructor;
  • the shared experience and professionalism of our best language instructors;
  • a free study materiāls package and 20 video lessons;
  • efficient teaching methods customized for your individual needs as a learner.

There is so much work to be done and so much fun to be had!

Happy Learning!

Self- training:First you should decide on :You language levelAnd the most important is to have a desire to learn the languageStudy materialsTutors’ supportOnline conferencesBy choosing self-training course you will get:Beginners levelIntermediate levelAdvanced levelCourses for kids