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Базовый бесплатный курс

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Knowledge of foreign languages ​​today is a vital necessity. Proficiency in a foreign language opens up new perspectives and opportunities to improve career prospects, forge business partnerships, negotiate business deals or gain entry into a school or university course. How much do you actively speak a foreign language?

Most people are familiar with this situation: You study 10 years of English at school, 5 years in college and then 2 years on a supplementary language course. And what is the result? Arriving abroad you struggle to find the right words to communicate.

One thing is clear. You are using outdated methods and ineffective ways to learn a foreign language. You learn a foreign language analytically and through teachers who present it in a limiting way.It is no one’s fault, it is just they did not know other methods of teaching and you are left watching movies wondering why you can’t follow the dialogue after cramming all that grammar!

Nobody tells you that a word is not a linguistic unit. Words can have so much meaning, especially depending on the context.

It’s time to put away the books and log out of your existing online courses. It’s time to put your trust in the professionals.